About nConnect

After extensive research and feedback from Principals, Teachers and Parents, we have designed the nConnect app to provide maximum value to all the stakeholders involved in the school ecosystem. nConnect primarily bridges any and all communication gaps between Parents and Schools with dedicated features for different uses.

Teachers can keep the Parents involved and aware of all the interesting activities which happen at School on a regular basis by posting “Stories”, and they can also directly Chat with Parents about anything specifically regarding their kid. What’s more? Teachers can take Digital Attendance, and instant notifications are sent to the Parents.

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Keep Parents involved and excited about interesting activities at the School!.

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TDirectly talk to Parents individually about anything regarding their kid

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Digital Attendance

Convenient recording of Attendance at your fingertips, with real-time Notifications for the Parents.

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Instant Communication of any emergency announcements and more for the Principals and School Admins.

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Parents can Raise an Issue and a smart escalation system will ensure it is resolved quickly. Happy Parents, Happy Schools.

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Multiple Kids, One App

Parents can use the same app for multiple kids with an easy switch to look at different kids’ accounts.

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