Narayana schools celebrate Children’s Day 2023 with Narayana CricInsight: Where fun meets learning

At Narayana Schools, every day is a day to enable learning, inspire and educate. Children’s Day 2023 became the perfect opportunity to help our students learn in a fun and inspirational way. Leveraging the ongoing cricket season and building upon Narayana CricInsight initiative, we organized a special screening of insightful cricket videos for students across our schools in India.

Children’s Day celebrations weren’t just about watching videos; they were about hands-on learning as well. Our physical education trainers guided the students and made them practice the concepts they learned from the Narayana CricInsight videos. Scientific aspects of the game of cricket were explored, providing students with both theoretical knowledge and practical understanding of the concepts.

Merging education with entertainment, the special screening of Narayana CricInsight videos was a grand success. The videos provided fresh perspective, interesting tit bits, historical facts, scientific aspects, and other learning avenues of the game that unites millions around the globe.

Ms. P. Sharani, Director of Narayana Educational Institutions, wished a very happy Children’s Day to the students shared her enthusiasm for the event. She stated, “We are thrilled to witness our students embracing the world of cricket with such enthusiasm. At Narayana, we understand that education isn’t just about academic excellence; it’s about nurturing well-rounded individuals who can face the world with confidence. Initiatives like Narayana CricInsight are designed to inspire young minds, ignite their passion for learning, and guide them towards a brighter future.”

Narayana Schools believe in making learning enjoyable and accessible. By integrating Narayana CricInsight with Children’s Day celebrations, we aimed to provide our students with a wider canvas for learning, enabling them to fulfill their dreams not only in academics but also beyond.

With initiatives like these, Narayana Schools continue to create a stimulating environment that fosters both academic excellence and a passion for learning. Children’s Day 2023 at Narayana Schools was not just a celebration; it was an investment in the bright future of the students, encouraging them to explore, learn, and grow.

Narayana schools celebrate Children’s Day 2023 with Narayana CricInsight: Where fun meets learning

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