Narayanites excel at the National Level Karate Championship!

Bringing glory to the institution, two of our proud Narayanites performed exceptionally well at the National Level Karate Championship and achieved top positions in the competition.

Gagana, a talented student from Class 8 at Narayana Olympiad School, Bangalore, showcased her prowess in Karate at the 26th Shitoryu Karate Do National Championship. Competing in the age category of 13 to 14, Gagana displayed noteworthy skills, dedication, and perseverance, securing the prestigious 1st place for her remarkable performance.

In a similar vein, Narayanite S. G. Priyadharshini, a class VI student from Narayana e-Techno School, Madurai, showcased her prowess in Defendo-Karate at the National Level Championship. Competing in the under-12 category, she secured 2nd place, demonstrating her skill and determination and leaving everyone spellbound.

The accomplishments of our students are a testament to the overall development that our schools support and facilitate for all students. We provide an environment that fosters not only academic excellence but also encourages students to excel in extracurricular activities. Our dedicated faculty members work tirelessly to identify the unique talents in each student and guide them towards achieving their goals. Knowing the value of sports, we support our students to participate in sports activities that help build character, leadership skills, and team spirit, which are essential life skills for an individual.

Talking about this proud moment, Ms. P. Sharani, Director, Narayana Educational Institutions, said, “We’re so proud and happy to see our students perform tremendously well in sports at the national level while balancing their studies at the same time. I would like to extend hearty congratulations to the students, their parents, and our faculty too, who constantly back them to reach their maximum potential”.

In their pursuit of excellence, Gagana and Priyadharshini’s teachers offered unwavering support and motivated them to pursue their goals. The schools made sure that the students didn’t lag on the academic front while they were dedicating a major chunk of their time preparing for their respective contests. For the same reason, the teachers ensured that they gave them personalised attention to resolve any doubts that they may have. Sharing her experiences, Priyadharshini said, “Being an all-round student is very important. From my teachers to my principal, everyone encouraged me to concentrate on my goal while also helping me complete my studies on time”. “Because of this, I have become more confident and stronger, and I have realised that I can do anything I set my mind to”, she added.

Talking about her achievement, Gagana said, “I have newfound confidence, and everyone calls me Karate Kid now because of my achievement”. “All thanks to my teachers who made the concepts so clear in class that I didn’t have to worry about my exams. They gave me slip tests every day so that my subjects were thoroughly revised during school hours, and I could completely focus on my sport after school”, she added while crediting her teachers.

We are incredibly proud of Gagana and Priyadharshini’s achievements and hope their success will inspire other students to pursue their passions with dedication and determination. Their achievements stand as a shining example of the heights Narayana students can reach when given the right support, guidance, and opportunities.

Narayanites excel at the National Level Karate Championship!

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