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Narayana e-Techno School in Unit 08-Nayapalli – What Makes It Unique


An ideal school infrastructure can truly bring a big difference in a student’s academic journey. From providing the best possible learning ambience and opportunities to help them reach their potential, we offer the best possible extracurricular activities, playgrounds, and student-teacher relationships.


You will find each of these elements at Narayana because we aimed to bring together all these factors to make our education setting one of a kind in its group. This is the secret of our strategic way of education that spontaneously encourages our students to trail the path that helps them get to their academic goals without a small problem.


To optimise the comfort level of our students, all classrooms of Narayana Group of Schools are made spacious, air-conditioned, and arranged with scientifically designed seating systems. This helps our teachers to uphold a model environment where students can be truly attentive to imbibe their lessons.


Day School


Our day schools necessitates the participation of students in diversified modes of teaching to fetch the maximum output from our well-designed learning courses. The majority of our study plan consists of classroom and hands-on practice sessions, which help students understand their theoretical classes in a much better way.


Our campus houses well-equipped science and computer laboratories and a well-stocked library that combines with our study course to impart top notch teaching. This facilitates our students by extending their knowledge level and thereby helping them stride on the path towards their academic success.     


Besides the above, we encourage our students to participate in various extracurricular activities including sports, yoga, meditation, dance, art, and other outdoor events that work effectively for students to get a break next to their all academic involvement. 


Infrastructural Features


Some of the notable facilities Narayana School, Nayapalli, Bhubaneswar are fitted with to deliver an excellent academic experience to our students:


  • E-labs, libraries, and a combination of theoretical plus practical classrooms in order to foster interactive learning.
  • A diversity of extracurricular activities ranging from sports, yoga, meditation, dance, etc. are arranged to aid students relax their minds from academic sessions and get refreshed.
  • Fairly large auditorium to conduct morning assemblies in addition to various school events.
  • CCTV surveillance all over the campus 24/7 to ascertain a safe and well-protected setting for our young students.
  • Well-maintained school bus facilities are available to students ensuring safe and relaxing journeys to and from the institution.
  • A sick room is available together with a responsible nurse to care for the students if anytime any student falls sick.


Perks of Enrolling Your Kid at Narayana


Being acknowledged as among the best CBSE Schools in Nayapalli, Bhubaneswar students get several benefits with Narayana:


  • We promote active participation of parents by organising periodic parent-teacher meetings in order to inform them about their children’s performance.  
  • Arrangement assorted post-school extracurricular activities to promote the mental health of students by bringing a balance to their academic life. 
  • Different types of sports activities help children learn discipline, and ethics, and boost their collaborative skills apart from keeping them fit and healthy.
  • Strict cleanliness and hygiene measures are practised all over the campus to ensure students enjoy a healthy academic life.



Day School

We have revolutionised the day-school learning experience for students by integrating it with innovative technologies. Also, we organise both indoor and outdoor educational activities that allow students to get hands-on learning experience for critical and complicated concepts.

At Narayana School Andal, we aim for the holistic development of students. For this, we have set up activities like sports, yoga, and meditation that help students relax after brainstorming throughout their class.

Furthermore, we enlist numerous digital resources in our e-library that enable a student to instantly access them. Also, our experienced teachers precisely follow the micro-schedules, ensuring students get substantial knowledge throughout.