Highest safety and security standards - Narayana Schools


Designed and Planned by our Early Child Care Experts
Loved by children, Approved by parents

We, the Narayana Group of Schools in nayapalli, ensure proper safety and security for children, faculty and school staff. Keeping the educational environment secure also encourages and promotes social and creative learning among students.

Also, our school is involved in ensuring communication, spreading awareness, creating disaster-mitigation plans, mock drills, and more. Our aim is to secure the school grounds and transportation facilities to ensure the safety of students at all times and also facilitate faster rehabilitation after any accidents.

Physical Security

We maintain a high level of safety in school buildings, playgrounds, premises, science labs, computer labs, swimming pools, libraries, washrooms, school buses, drinking water facilities, and the surrounding areas of school grounds. Being one of the best CBSE schools in nayapalli, our school buildings are earthquake-protected and equipped with fire safety facilities to ensure total protection from natural disasters.

Visual Security

We have installed CCTV cameras at different sections around the school building, campus, playground, etc. to ensure that your kid’s daily life in school is monitored and recorded from time to time. These cameras not only provide peace of mind for parents but also act as an important component of protection.

Our Advantages

  • ● Cleaning and sanitising the building, playground, library, etc., on a regular basis to ensure the safety of your child
  • ● Providing instant medical assistance to children in case anyone gets injured or falls sick
  • ● Electrical connections are monitored and upgraded periodically to ensure the proper safety of children and other school staff
  • ● Maintaining an optimum ratio of teachers and students in classes so that every child gets equal attention