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Laboratories provide students with many opportunities to learn and experiment which play an immense role in their intellectual development at any academic level. Since the lab is so important in student life, we at Narayana e-Techno School, Unit 08-Nayapalli have organised state-of-the-art labs for promoting curiosity, critical thinking, communication skills, and easing the practical understanding of different subjects.


Narayana Group of Schools in Nayapalli, Bhubaneswar boasts of its enriching learning environment. Our laboratories are equipped with well-organised tools and apparatuses that help students perform experiments across different disciplines like physics, chemistry, life science, computer, and more. At Narayana, we have experienced teachers to guide our students while performing experiments. 




From studying laws of gravitation, thermodynamics, etc. to exploring the phenomena of optics, our exceptional laboratories develop a passion among students for science. Being one of the best CBSE schools in Nayapalli, Bhubaneswar, our chemistry lab accommodates a wide range of equipment like beakers, test tubes, chemical compounds, etc., which are essential for secondary and higher secondary students.


In the chemistry lab, all of the necessary precautions are taken so that students can undertake the experiments safely. Lastly, we have modern computer labs having upgraded computer systems, projector facilities, etc. that sharpen the logical thinking and coding skills of our students.


Why Choose Narayana?


Here are some notable features and benefits to go for Narayana School Nayapalli for your children:


  • Enhanced Safety

We maintain strict rules to ensure the safety of our students in the laboratories. Being one of the top schools in Nayapalli, we have experienced teachers and lab assistants that monitor our students during their lab sessions so that everyone can perform their experiments flawlessly. 


  • Absolute Hygiene

Our laboratories alongside the entire school and its surrounding campus are properly sanitised on a regular basis so that no student falls ill. Even after this, if anyone gets sick or injures themselves while experimenting in the lab or for any other reason, we have a medical team ready for it. 


  • Personalised Learning

At Narayana School in Nayapalli, we take pride in our tailored study plans that encourage our students to explore various things during their educational journey. We maintain an optimum proportion of teachers and students in the classrooms and labs so that every single student gets equal attention for the teacher.


  • Reliable Day-care Facilities

With our exceptional day-care facility, we aim to nurture tender minds, bestowing them with the opportunity to develop their decision-making, communication, and creative thinking skills. This helps in the overall development of our students and makes them flourish in this competitive world.