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n-Learn | Narayana Schools


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Learning Made Easy at Narayana

At Narayana Group of Schools, we strive to provide only the best features and facilities to our students. The focus is to make their learning easy, wholesome, and effective.

The best way to learn something is to ask questions. Asking and solving questions helps children strengthen their fundamental concepts and learn at their own pace. Learning should be cyclical, and not in loops. Keeping such concerns in mind, we have introduced to our students the features of nLearn.


As one of the top CBSE schools in nayapalli, we aim to bring perfection to our pedagogy. One of the new initiatives is a fruitful accomplishment of our aim. It comes with the following exclusive features for our students:


Our approach to teaching goes beyond the classroom. With the help of video tutorials and concept cards, we ensure comprehensive revision, fostering a deeper understanding of subjects. Our aim is to enhance the educational journey of our students with innovative methods.


We understand the importance of practise to make things perfect. That’s why, with nLearn, we ask students to take weekend tests and timed mock tests as per their needs and learning speed. Students can elevate their preparation with our comprehensive test solutions.


Parents and students get access to advanced reports of tests so that they can track academic progress. With nLearn, students get customised practise solutions to make learning comfortable and supportive.


By utilising advanced performance reports, students can identify areas for improvement in terms of speed, accuracy, and ranking. These insights help them to refine their skills and facilitate continuous learning and growth.

Scheduled Examinations

With nLearn, students can optimise their learning experience through weekly and biweekly tests. These exams help to strengthen the understanding of lessons and enhance academic growth.