Why Choose Narayana Schools - Discover Our Excellence
Why Choose Narayana Schools - Discover Our Excellence


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Why Choose Narayana School nayapalli?

Narayana School nayapalli is one of the top schools in ODISHA that focuses on not just academics but the overall excellence of your child. We encourage our students not only to listen but also to be heard. Our aim is to foster and nurture young minds into leaders of tomorrow so that they become exemplary professionals in their chosen fields.

Overall Holistic Development

Narayana Schools creates an environment of caring and sharing that prepares students to take risks and go the extra mile to become successful individuals. We believe in the overall development of students so that they excel in both academics and co-curricular activities of their choice.

Experienced Teaching Staff

We have a team of highly experienced teachers and staff to support the academic journey of over 2500 students at Narayana School nayapalli. One of the biggest advantages of admitting your child to our institution is that we offer comprehensive academic programmes to help students achieve their career aspirations.

45+ Years of Academic Excellence

Narayana School nayapalli is a part of Narayana Schools, Asia's largest educational organisation. Narayana Schools was founded by Dr. P. Narayana in 1979. The most critical goal of Narayana Schools is learner-centred education. We are committed to revolutionising how education is imparted to the young generation.

Dynamic and Global Outlook for Education

Given the dynamic and global nature of education in the 21st century, our goal is to constantly reinvent ourselves to create exceptional and enriching student experiences across all age groups.

Integration of Technology with Academics

We believe that the integration of technology and innovation is an important part of academics in this day and age. With the help of a team of eminent professors and lecturers, we have developed a revolutionary, innovative educational technology, the Narayana Micro Schedule. It helps to plan day-to-day and hour-to-hour schedules for the students to follow during the academic year.

At Narayana School nayapalli, we want our students to make great strides in intra-national and international competitive examinations and clinch success with top-notch results. We offer a strong foundation for children and promise the best knowledge enhancement by implementing impactful teaching methodologies and academic programmes such as Olympiad, e-Techno, and more.