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Welcome to Narayana e-Techno School, Bikaner, Rajasthan

Bikaner is a picturesque city in Rajasthan that is known for its history, culture, and heritage. Some of the best times to visit this part of India are between October and March when the surroundings remain pleasant. Here, you can find some of the best CBSE schools in the country including the Narayana e-Techno School, Bikaner, Rajasthan.

In the past few months, the residents living nearby have developed a wide array of interests regarding Narayana School Bikaner. We are a CBSE-affiliated institution running modern-age classroom infrastructure from Nursery to class XII. Our eminent educators always grab the slightest opportunity to nurture these young minds and guide them towards excellence.

Highlights of Narayana e-Techno School, Bikaner, Rajasthan

We are held as one of the top CBSE schools across Rajasthan due to several aspects. The main offerings comprise:

  • Smart Classrooms

Day-to-day learning becomes less hectic when our students learn via digital media. Our academic programs are distributed in the form of e-books and the assignments are shareable across precisely monitored platforms.

Most importantly, our educators are on the same page with modern technical innovations. They make teaching look so simple by using simulations while explaining a critical subject.

  • All-Round Sporting Facilities

Sports and other co-curricular activities find prime importance at Narayana Group of Schools. This is because we know how important it is to provide different modes of relaxation to all the students. Even through these activities we spot unique talents and communicate different possibilities to the parents so that together we can shape the best future for all students.

  • Futuristic Laboratories

Our laboratories are subject-specific. Also, at each facility what we promote is experimental learning from Day 1.

Being a top educational institution, the Narayana e-Techno School of Bikaner understands that each student must develop confidence by rectifying their own mistakes. Thus, we keep instructors who guide your child to try something new in each step, that too safely.

  • Seamless Accommodation and Transportation

Our hostel accommodation facilities are among some of the top-notch options that you will find across India. We have every single amenity that makes a child feel as if they are at their home.

Moreover, you can avail school bus services at affordable prices by contacting us. Also, there is a provision to put forward such requests online via our portal.


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For pre-primary learners, our e-Kidz programme provides a joyful start to their educational journey.

Pre Primary

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Our e-Champs programme builds a strong foundation for lifelong learning, fostering curiosity and creativity.


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Our e-Techno programme for middle school students is tailored to cultivate confident and responsible individuals, equipping them with the skills needed for higher education.

Middle School

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The e-Techno programme empowers secondary students with cutting-edge technology and advanced academic & non-academic skills, elevating and enriching their educational journey.


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In Sr. Secondary, we prepare students for the future, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to excel in both academics and life beyond school.


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Success Stories

JEE Adv 2024

B. Sandesh

Hi, I’m B. Sandesh. I have secured AIR 3 in JEE Advanced 2024. My dream was to get into IIT since 8th Class. Thanks to Narayana, I’m able to achieve that. The nLearn app helped me tremendously with its modules, tests, timely analysis and doubt lessons. The best part was we could check the time spent on each question and accordingly improve and reduce the time spent; this helped me a lot while I was attempting the actual exam.

JEE Adv 2024

Matcha Balaaditya

Hello my name is Matcha Balaaditya, and I secured AIR 1 in OBC category and AIR 11 in open category in JEE Advanced 2024. Narayana’s sophisticated micro schedule allowed me to gain knowledge and the weekly exams helped face the final exam. The error-analysis conducted helped in figuring and working on weak subjects. My dream was to join IIT Bombay and Narayana made it possible.

NEET 2024

Sam Shreyas Joseph

My name is Sam Shreyas Joseph. I secured AIR 1 in NEET 2024, scoring a perfect 720. I credit my success to god, my supportive parents and teachers. Narayana has been an integral part, they provided excellent notes, supported me emotionally as well. The rigorous testing played an important part as it made me realize my weak points, helped me work on errors, making me a better and efficient solver.

NEET 2024

Sandeep Chowdary

My name is Sandeep Chowdary and I have achieved AIR 1 with a score of 720 in NEET 2024. With the help of Narayana teaching and Narayana academic planning I was able to achieve this score. Narayana material books are more than sufficient once you are perfect at NCERT to score well. Narayana taught us that grasping the basics of all the subjects were the keys to success.

NEET 2024

Shamuk Sumedh

My name is Shamuk Sumedh, and I got 710 out of 720 in NEET 2024. I also got selected for the OCSC International Biology and Chemistry Olympiad 2024. I credit my success to my parents, the Narayana teachers, and the management. Teachers taught effortlessly and enjoyably, inspiring deeper learning. I am grateful to Narayana for not only imparting knowledge effectively, but also for instilling a passion for learning and encouraging me to delve deeper into subjects and broaden my horizons.

CBSE X Results

Agastya Remani

Hello, I'm Agastya Remani, and I have been studying in Narayana since I was in the fifth grade. I have recently achieved a score of 498 on my class tenth Board exam. It was thanks to the aid I received from my teachers and the comprehensive testing process of the nLearn app that I was able to achieve this result.

CBSE XII Results

Khyati Sharma

I’m Khyati Sharma, and I scored 493 out of 500 in my 12th CBSE Board exams. I attribute this success to my parents, teachers, and peers, who provided their constant support and encouragement. The robust curriculum and easy-to-understand lessons from nlearn helped me with my preparation. I was able to perform well with consistent practice and academic support from Narayana Schools.

1st Rank, U-17
National-level Karate Championship

Gagana Umesh

I am Gagana Umesh, and I got 1st rank in U-14 in the National Level Karate Championship. I was able to balance my academics & sports together because of my training strategy and the teachers at Narayana. My teachers made the concepts so clear that I did not need to worry about the exams at all. Because of this, I was able to concentrate on both my sports and my exams.