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1) NARAYANA Schools Continue their Success Spree in SIMO OLYMPIADS STAGE-I 2017 with Unmatched Excellence bagging 54.83% of Nationwide selections. No Other school could achieve this unique distinction.      2) NARAYANA Schools Emerge as National Topper in UCO Stage-I 2017 results with 4158 (46.2%) Selections.It's a Hatrick performance (2015,2016,2017)as a National Topper.Congrats to Students and Parents.      3) NARAYANA Schools Unmatched Performance in South Indian Maths & Science Olympiads 2016-17 Nationwide Top 10 Ranks achievement analysis: SIMO : 50/60 (62.5%), SIPHO: 20/30 (66.6%), SICHO: 12/30 (40%), SISO : 31/50 ( 62%) All India 1st ranks in 3,4,5,6,7&9th Classes No other School could achieve this unique distinction Congrats to Students and staff.       4) NARAYANA Schools - The Sovereign of Olympiads,redraft history with record breaking Selections in HBCSE OLYMPIADS - 2017 INMO : Out of 7 Nationwide Selections from Schools, 3 (43%) are from Narayana schools alone. INAO : Out of 21 Nationwide Selections from schools, 7 (33%) are from us. JSO : 2 Nationwide Prestigious selections for OCSC camp. No Other school could achieve this Unique distinction. Congrats to Students & Staff.       5) Herald of State -1st Ranks from A.P. & T.S.in N.T.S.E Stage-1 results from Narayana schools alone, 4 Narayanites from A.P. Secured State -1 Ranks Total Sweep of Top 10 State Ranks (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10) in A.P. from Narayana schools alone, T.S. 1st Rank secured by Narayanite Prashanth Reddy Congrats to Students and staff.       6)NARAYANA Schools dazzle with TOP Selections in IMO Stage-I results. Secured-1,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 Top 10 International ranks. 45.93% Secure Top 500 International Ranks.36.7% Secure Top 100 Zonal Ranks.No other institution could achieve this unique distinction.       7)NARAYANA Schools Ranks Galore in Unified International English Olympiad - 2016 with indomitable share in National Top10 Ranks (1,2,4,5,9,10) 56% of TOP-10, 42% of TOP-100 National ranks from NARAYANA schools alone. Congrats to Students and staff.       8)NARAYANA Schools Unique Distinction in RMO-2016....Out of 51 School level selections from A.P.&T.S., 22(43%) are from Narayana Schools alone.Congrats to Students and staff......NARAYANA Schools Unique Distinction in RMO-2016..Out of 10 School level selections from KARNATAKA, 5(50%) are from Narayana Schools alone.Congrats to Students and staff.       9)NARAYANA Schools Indomitable Performance in UCO-Stage-1,2016 results.Out of 7500 Nationwide Selections,3469(46.2%) are from Narayana Schools alone.Congrats to Students and staff.       10) "NARAYANA Schools" begin the Success Saga in Mumbai. Out of 94 students, 18 got selected for Stage-2, 65 got Certificate of Appreciation.       10) Narayana Schools retain WORLD NO: 1 position in successive years bagging WORLD NO: 1, 2, 3 prizes with 194 students along with 38 record breaking selections in NASA SPACE SETTLEMENT CONTEST.


eKidz – A unit of NARAYANA group of schools – India, offers unparalleled quality education in the field of pre-primary.



The primary Education is the first stage of formal schooling. It is the stage in which the children are taught basics studies.



The master of education, Asia's largest educational institution is espoused to the task of making professionals out of students.


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