How to Score Good Marks in Maths?


For many students, Maths can be a very difficult subject. Although it is not rocket science, Maths requires a great deal of dedication and practice. It is also actually one of the highest-scoring subjects where you can get full marks if you get the correct answer. Thus, it is important to know how to score good marks in Maths if you want to get high marks overall.

If you find it hard to solve Maths questions and get good marks in exams, don’t worry. With regular practice and by understanding the formulas and questions, you can learn to solve Maths questions faster and more easily.

Here are 7 tips on how to get good marks in Maths so that when you sit for your exams, you do not feel stressed and are able to solve the question paper easily!

Top 7 Tips to Score Good Marks in Maths


Solving Maths questions might be frightening. But, if you pay attention and focus, you might be able to do it easily!

Take a look at these top 7 tips that will help you to learn how to get full marks in Maths:

1. Understand the chapters one by one

It is quite a common habit for us to avoid anything that is difficult. Same thing happens in case of tough chapters in your Maths syllabus. As most of the chapters/topics are in a sequence, skipping a chapter might create doubts later. Therefore, it is best to get a simplified explanation of any topics that you might have doubts about instead of jumping to the next chapter.

2. Never give up on practice


You must have heard that practice makes a man perfect . So, you must practise to get used to the methods and formulas for solving different questions. It will also help you give your exams confidently. Regular practice helps in understanding concepts better.

It also helps in remembering the steps to solve similar sums and increases speed. This will certainly benefit you during exams.

3. Keep a formula book


An important aspect of mathematics is remembering formulas. The best way to do so is by noting down all the formulas in one notebook chapter-wise. This will help in solving questions quickly during practice as well as during the exams. Also, you will not need to get back to your textbooks constantly to check the formulas.

4. Work on your mistakes

Making mistakes is absolutely normal, especially in a subject like Maths. However, you need to try your best to not repeat them. For this, it is important to identify the reason behind your mistakes.

Try to understand why you make the mistakes – is it because you haven’t understood the concepts, you can’t remember the formulas or you don’t understand the process?
Once you understand the reason behind your mistakes, you should try to focus on solving them. Working on your mistakes continuously can help you in case you are wondering how to score good marks in Maths.

5. Solve practice papers

The best way to prepare for an exam is by creating an exam-like atmosphere during revision. Practising mock papers and previous year question papers will help to get some idea regarding the type of questions that can come.

You can use a timer to check your speed and work on it if required. This will help in correcting your pace as well as help in increasing your confidence during the actual exam.

6. Never forget to show the detailed solution

While solving a question, it is important to show the method you used to get the answer. Most examiners check the steps to see whether you have used the correct method to get the answer and have not cheated or memorised the answer.

Even if your answer is wrong due to any calculation error, they might still award you with some marks for the steps done correctly.

7. Time Management

While practising mock papers at home, divide the total time available during the exam by the total number of questions. It is important to give more time to solving questions that carry more marks.

This will help you in case you have trouble completing all the questions during your exam. This is one of the ways to score full marks in Maths.


Maths might be a scary subject for many but it is not impossible to score good marks in it. Right amount of determination and concentration will surely help you. Perfection comes with practice. Therefore, you need to create a study plan that will help in practising the sums regularly and improving your performance. These 7 tips regarding how to score good marks in Maths will help you if you follow them diligently.


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How to Score Good Marks in Maths?

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  1. These are pretty useful tips, hope these tips are also shared and communicated to the students in the class room.

  2. Dear Executive
    Thank you so much for sharing these tips.
    Definitely it will help to improve the confidence of students and they will score better in Maths.
    Keep posting such articles.
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  3. Practicing always gives good result.
    If it is once supervised by teachers it will be more helpful

  4. wow this is a great way to increase motivation among students. maths is definitely a tough subject, but a scoring subject too. mathematics requires a lot of practice and patience there will be no result unless we start working on it. A great way of explanation and details are good too really appreciate these kind of posts.

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