Navigating Online Learning – Tips for Parents and Students

Navigating Online Learning

With the rise in technological advancements, online learning has become a new trend. Most of us have used online classes or YouTube live sessions to learn something. Therefore, to adapt to these new learning methods, we offer effective online learning tips for both students and parents.

While some tips are solely for students, others involve parents. Without further ado, let’s explore some of the best ways to make the most of online learning.

Online Learning Tips for Students:

Some tips that students can incorporate into their daily lives include:

1. Remaining Engaged with the Course: Staying dedicated is often underrated. It’s natural to feel lethargic at home, but it’s important to combat such tendencies by staying hyperactive, understanding concepts, creating mind-maps from lectures, and doing whatever is necessary. This should be considered as the first and most important study tip for online learning. Distractions exist, but prioritising what is important is crucial.

2. Maintaining a Schedule for Online Classes: Online classes vary in duration, so effective time management is essential to cater to all aspects of the learning phase. Maintaining a schedule and a cycle of learning, memorising, and then revising is crucial. Consistency in the routine is emphasised and important as one of the online learning tips. Additionally, understand the difference between synchronous (real-time classes) and asynchronous (self-paced learning) online courses and adapt strategies accordingly.

3. Using a Single Device Dedicated to Learning: Using multiple devices can lead to distractions. It’s important to understand that online learning is convenient but should not be taken for granted. Staying focused is easier when using a single device for note-taking, storing study materials, and engaging in self-study. This is one of the best study tips for online learning to avoid distractions.

Tips for Parents to Make Online Learning Easier for Their Kids:

A parent has a very important role to play in the child’s educational journey. Here are some tips for parents to make online learning easy and seamless for children:

1. Emphasise Improving Child’s Mental Health: Be calm, and a good listener to the child’s problems. As a child spends time learning behind a screen, it’s important to cheer them up and understand their challenges. Encourage communication and help them refresh their mood to perform optimally in their online course.

2. Avoid Pressurising the Child: The child may be struggling with online courses and time management. This is an important phase of their student life and they need support. Be a supportive parent by cultivating self-assurance in the child. Avoid pressuring the child to study all day, as it creates mental pressure and strains the relationship. Instead, work as a team to understand and address challenges together.

3. Engage in Discussions: Regularly talk to your child about what they learned each day. Ask open-ended questions such as:

  • What new concepts did you find interesting today?
  • Were there any challenging topics that you need help with?
  • How can you apply what you learned to real-life situations?

According to Professor O’Connor, founder of the Scientific Mommy, and Robin Neuhaus, a PhD student at NYU, children look to their parents as role models. Therefore, it’s important for parents to use online learning tips to build confidence and motivate their child to perform effectively. Establishing a friendly relationship with the child will successfully motivate them in their online learning endeavours.

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Navigating Online Learning – Tips for Parents and Students

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