The Top 5 Museums a Child Must Visit in India

The Top 5 Museums a Child Must Visit in India

Keeping kids engaged without relying on electronic devices like the ubiquitous mobile phone and television poses a tough challenge for parents these days, especially during summer breaks. With soaring temperatures, the handy missive of ‘go and play outside’ becomes less feasible. However, there are activities and places that can keep kids engaged indoors, ensure they learn something (education can occasionally be fun too), and involve going out of the house for enjoyable family activities, so there’s still hope.

Museum visits are a great way to engage your kids in an activity that is interesting and enriching. Each museum has a specific theme, and one can visit them to have a fun and learning experience with the kids. When visiting with kids, it is better to plan and choose the museums for children in India while considering their interests.

Let’s have a look at some of the popular museums that we think the child will absolutely love to visit.

Popular museums to visit with the child

Some of the popular museums in India for a fun day out with kids are:

1. National Rail Museum, New Delhi: As kids, we all loved trains. The National Rail Museum stands out as one of the finest train museums, showcasing the Indian Railway’s rich heritage. Visiting this museum allows one to grasp the evolution of railways in India and its impact on the economy. Witness the child’s delight as they marvel at the old engines and listen to stories about laying railway tracks. The indoor galleries also house a vast array of trains, along with detailed information about each one. As one embarks on a journey to explore renowned museums for children in India, consider a visit to Chanakyapuri near the Bhutan Embassy to experience this Rail Museum in New Delhi.

2. The Indian Museum, Kolkata: This museum, renowned among children in India, features a diverse collection ranging from stuffed animals to historical artifacts. Visitors can marvel at stone architecture, swords, and even an Egyptian mummy on display. It serves as an unparalleled learning hub for dinosaur enthusiasts, with a variety of dinosaur species and even the Woolly Mammoth. Situated in the heart of Kolkata, this museum is a must-visit to ignite excitement in your child! Established in 1814 at the cradle of the Asiatic Society of Bengal (1 Park Street, Kolkata), the Indian Museum holds the distinction of being the earliest and largest multipurpose museum in the Indian subcontinent and the Asia-Pacific region.

3. The Partition Museum, Amritsar: The Partition Museum in Amritsar commemorates India’s Partition in 1947, depicting human tragedy and resilience through exhibits. Founded in 2017, it honours the shared history of India and Pakistan, fostering understanding and preserving a pivotal moment in history. The museum’s exhibits and artefacts vividly portray the lives lost and the struggles faced by millions during that time. Serving as a testament to resilience, it also showcases stories of survival, hope, and rebuilding amidst adversity.

4. Heritage Transport Museum, Gurgaon: If the child is an automobile enthusiast, then this museum should be on the list of the best museums for children in India. The Heritage Transport Museum in Gurgaon showcases the evolution of transportation in India. It features a wide array of vintage vehicles, from cars and motorcycles to aeroplanes and trains. Children can explore interactive exhibits that highlight the role of transportation in shaping society. The museum continues to educate and inspire visitors with its rich collection of historical vehicles and engaging displays.

5. NIMHANS Brain Museum, Bengaluru: If the child has an interest in biology and wants to expand their knowledge, the NIMHANS Brain Museum is an excellent place to visit and learn more. The museum houses approximately 400 human brains preserved in transparent jars, sourced from various donors with diverse brain diseases ranging from Alzheimer’s to brains affected by worms. Since the museum operates within a functioning hospital, it is essential to keep in mind the specified visiting hours. Typically, the museum remains open on Wednesdays (2:30 PM to 5:00 PM) and Saturdays (10:30 AM to 1:00 PM and 2:30 PM to 4:00 PM). For children seeking to explore renowned museums in India, NIMHANS is a great starting point!

Visiting museums provides children with interactive experiences that enhance their understanding of science and technology. These museums engage young minds through hands-on activities and demonstrations, fostering curiosity and critical thinking skills. Additionally, museum visits also offer unique insights into global diversity, promoting empathy and cultural awareness in children.

Let’s explore additional museums that offer enriching experiences for children’s learning and development.

  • Nehru Science Centre (Mumbai) offers interactive exhibits and activities related to science and technology.
  • Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum (Bangalore) offers engaging displays on science, technology, and industry, suitable for all ages.
  • National Science Centre (Delhi) provides hands-on exhibits and demonstrations focusing on various scientific principles.
  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (formerly Prince of Wales Museum) (Mumbai) houses an extensive collection of art, artefacts, and natural history specimens.
  • Shankar’s International Dolls Museum (Delhi) showcases a vast collection of dolls from around the world, offering a unique cultural experience for children.
  • Government Museum and Art Gallery (Chandigarh) features historical artefacts, art pieces, and natural history exhibits.
  • The Children’s Museum in Kolkata offers hands-on activities in science, technology, math, and daily life topics, making learning enjoyable for kids. It stimulates curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking through innovative exhibits, making it a top choice for school trips and family visits

In summary, India boasts numerous renowned museums for children, and in order to explore them, one should engage in frequent discussions with the child. Museum trips offer both entertainment and learning opportunities. Therefore, it’s crucial to ascertain what aligns with their interests before planning a visit. Parents should broaden children’s learning beyond textbooks and pages, encouraging them to explore new horizons. To enhance their knowledge and experiences, embrace unconventional sources, such as a captivating museum visit with the family.

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The Top 5 Museums a Child Must Visit in India

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