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The Narayana Educational Institutions have been at the forefront of delivering academic excellence for over four decades. Continuing our saga of victory, students from the institution performed exceptionally well in the recently announced CBSE class 10th and 12th results for 2023.

With 497 marks out of 500, Naishaa Goyal achieved a phenomenal aggregate score of 99.4%, followed by Sahil Nitin Soni and Harmanjot Singh, securing 99.0% in CBSE class 10th results. Around 33 students secured 98.0% and above, and close to 1570 students accomplished 90.0% and above aggregate.

Narayanite Affaan Fakih delivered an exemplary performance by achieving 492 out of 500 marks in CBSE class 12th results, clocking an aggregate of 98.4%, followed by three of Narayana’s students, A Rakesh Pandey, Rimjhim Gorai, and Ujwal L Shankar, at 98.2%. Around 23 students secured 98.0% and above, and approximately 560 students accomplished 90.0% and above aggregate in CBSE class 12th results.

The institute’s unique curriculum, drawing from the best of all boards (CBSE, ICSE, IGSE, IB, and other syllabi), is customized to maximize conceptual understanding of all subjects among students. We focus on the strong grasp of the fundamentals that empowers our students with the necessary knowledge and skills to help them perform at their best. Not only this, but our micro-schedule, a highly organized and unique system of education delivery, makes learning engaging, fun, and effective for our students.

Along with a strong focus on the academic front, we also ensure our students’ active involvement in co-curricular and sports activities so that they can easily connect academic knowledge to real-world experiences and attain a well-rounded education. As a testament to the same, Arya Ram Munde, a Narayanite from Maharashtra zone, achieved an incredible score of 93.8% in CBSE class 10th results 2023, while also maintaining her top-notch performance in the arena of sports by representing Maharashtra in the U-19 Throwball Championship at National Level.

We have a tech-enabled framework in place with our flagship application, nLearn, through which students can access engaging content, practice problem sets, and attempt assignments and tests at their own pace. On this application, the content and questions are curated based on a student’s ability and understanding, which makes learning adaptive and maximizes the understanding and application of every topic for the student.

The Narayana Educational Institutions have continuously raised the bar in the field of education by setting new benchmarks every year, and we have continued the streak this year as well. With the dynamic times that the education system is witnessing, it is the institute’s approach towards constant innovation and learning that is strengthening it as it grows onward and upward with each passing year.


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