The top scorer in the CBSE 12th Bangalore class, Vyaas Ramasubramanian, received 498 points.

The CBSE 12th result for the class of 2022 has been declared, and students can view their results at The press conference was not held, hence the CBSE Toppers list for 2022 was not made public. However, schools from diverse areas have shared whom they believe to be the best performers. Vyaas Ramasubramanian of Narayana E-Techno School in Thubrahalli, Bangalore, who received 498 out of a possible 500 points, is one of the top students in Bangalore in 2022. Another student, Nishitha Thalamati, earned 497 out of 500 points at Narayana E-Techno School in Vidyaranyapura, Bangalore.

As he shared his happiness, Vyaas Ramasubramanian said: “I finished the board curriculum ahead of time, which really aided me in my exam preparation because I had plenty of time for revisions. I was able to build a solid understanding of each subject thanks to my advanced planning, which also enabled me to cope with the strain of the time’s board exams. I made light of my preparations and avoided becoming stressed out. Board exams were split into two periods, which greatly aided in the preparation process as there was less pressure to focus on two exams rather than one large exam.”

Another top student from CBSE Bangalore, Nishitha Thalamati, who received 497 points, stated: “I followed a very straightforward preparation plan for the board exams; I read the NCERT textbook cover to cover and understood every idea. I received a lot of assistance from my teachers, who also helped me practice question papers from earlier years. I took practice tests, which increased my confidence—especially in biology and chemistry. I was preparing for NEET 2022 at the same time, and since all of the math was already finished, it also helped me socially with physics. I want to be a doctor in the future. The CBSE term 1 and term 2 test patterns were very helpful since they made it simple to review the subject because it was broken into manageable chunks.”

The top scorer in the CBSE 12th Bangalore class, Vyaas Ramasubramanian, received 498 points.

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