As the NTA released the final answer keys for the April session of JEE Main 2023 session 2, Narayana Educational Institutes exemplified excellence again as Narayanite Punumalli Lohit Adhitya Sai got a perfect 300 out of a possible 300 marks in JEE Main 2023 session 2, bagging All India Open Category Rank 2. This outstanding result demonstrates the superiority of Narayana Educational Institutes in IIT-JEE coaching. The comprehensive micro-schedule, student-centered teaching strategies, all-encapsulating test series, and the nLearn platform aided this stellar accomplishment. Lohit Adhitya Sai is overwhelmed with gratitude for his excellent results and gives credit for his success to his teachers and the entire Narayana system.

Punumalli Lohit Adhitya Sai has been a student of Narayana School since the 6th grade. He has always been an exceptional performer in the internal assessment exams conducted by the Narayana Educational Institutes. His academic excellence was recognized and well-crafted by his teachers. The research-oriented curriculum, extensive micro-schedule, national-level test series, and the online nLearn platform were instrumental in pushing him toward his goal.

The Narayana Educational Institutes were established with the intention of well-rounded development of young minds to face future challenges. The preparation begins right away when the children are in the grade 8th when they compete in national and international math and science Olympiads. The integrated syllabus ensures the coverage of each topic required for acing engineering entrance exams. Our dedicated subject experts create conceptual depth in subjects like physics, chemistry, and math, which are essential for competitive exams.

In addition to creating a strong foundation for IIT JEE exams in the formative years of school, Narayana Educational Institutes shift to an advanced level of JEE Main and JEE Advanced preparation in classes 11 and 12. The focus shifts to polishing the students through extensive study materials designed according to the JEE Main and Advanced levels. The scientifically designed national-level part tests and grand tests hone the acumen of students for pinpoint precision. The mistakes are identified in the Error list and then rectified by the teachers so that each doubt is dispelled. Our pioneering nLearn platform enables the student to keep track of their performance.

We are extremely proud of Punumalli Lohit Adhitya Sai for his hard work and dedication to his goal. The combined efforts of our devoted subject matter specialists, integrated curriculum, carefully thought out micro-schedule, nLearn, and demanding test series at Narayana Educational Institutes have made it possible for us to achieve this excellent result.