Making Hydration Fun: 5 Tips to Keep Kids Hydrated

5 Tips to Keep Kids Hydrated

Ever wondered why little ones seem to be constantly asking for a refill throughout the day? Here’s a cool fact: Studies reveal that kids’ bodies are actually 60% to 70% water. That’s a lot, right? But that’s not all. Even though their little bodies are full of water, they lose it faster than adults. This is because children sweat more when compared to their body weight. It means they become dehydrated quicker – especially during hot summer weather. So, as the weather heats up, here you’ll learn about some hydration tips for kids that can be implemented in day-to-day life.

How Much Hydration is Enough for a Child?

Keeping track of how much water a kid is having can be a hassle. At such a young age, these kids keep bouncing off the walls every minute. A few of them prefer spending private sessions with a pile of books and colours just next to them. In the middle of all this, who knows when they last had a sip? As parents, it is our responsibility to ensure that children consume at least 1.5 litres of water daily. As they grow older and reach the age of 9 years and above, the recommended intake should increase to 2 litres daily. Timely hydration helps kids think straight, run around safely, and not get angry about small things. So, it is better to stash a cool-looking water bottle in their backpacks and maybe encourage them for some quick sips every now and then. They may forget for a bit, but their bodies will thank you later.

Interesting Ways to Keep Your Kid Hydrated in Summer

Finding creative tips for keeping kids hydrated does not have to be necessarily difficult. Here are some ways that parents or caregivers can follow to ensure regular hydration:

1. Gradually encourage the child to develop a habit: Provide the child with a good-looking insulated water bottle that they will love to carry around. This makes it easy for them to sip on water throughout the day.

2. Occasionally introduce fruity flavours: Plain water can become boring. Try infusing water with slices of fruits like cucumber, berries, or citrus. It adds a refreshing twist and encourages kids to drink more.

 3. Incorporate drink breaks into the child’s daily routine: Kids often get caught up in playing and forget to drink adequate water. Therefore, setting reminders or creating a hydration schedule involving them ensures they take regular water breaks, especially during outdoor activities.

 4. Provide hydrating snacks: A good way to do this is by packing water-rich food ingredients like watermelon, grapes, or celery sticks. These yummy treats contribute to their daily fluid intake. You can also make ice treats by freezing small pieces of fruit or juice in ice cube trays to create colourful and tasty ice cubes. Children can enjoy these as refreshing snacks that also help them stay hydrated.

 5. Lead by Example: As the age-old saying goes, children always learn by watching their parents. So, parents must make sure that they are constantly drinking water throughout the day. Children will be more likely to follow suit if they see their parents’ prioritising hydration.

In conclusion, by incorporating these hydration tips into the child’s daily routine, one can ensure they stay hydrated and healthy throughout the summer months. Encouraging regular water consumption, providing hydrating snacks, scheduling drink breaks, and infusing water with fruits are effective hydrating tips to keep the child well-hydrated and thriving during the hot weather.

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Making Hydration Fun: 5 Tips to Keep Kids Hydrated

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