8 Ways to Keep Your Kids Interested in Science

8 Ways to Keep Your Kids Interested in Science

Science is one of the crucial subjects we learn not just from our textbooks but also naturally in our day-to-day lives. Even the simplest activity that we perform daily involves science. However, understanding the broader concepts of the subject can be complicated for young minds, which might further lead to students losing interest in it. If you want your little one to develop a keen interest in science, you will have to start early. Here are some ways to keep your kids interested in science. Keep reading to learn more.

8 Effective Tips on How to Make Science Interesting for Children

1. Visit a science museum and planetarium together


One of the simpler ways to keep your kids interested in science is by planning a trip to a science museum. The science museums organise several interactive exhibits that are suitable for both kids and adults, captivating their interests. It is a great place to explore and learn more about the subject, going beyond books and regular lessons.

2. Get a science kit for them
If you are looking for ways to make science lessons more interesting for kids, you can get your child a science kit such as doctor’s kit, basic chemistry equipment kit, etc. These are easily available for all branches of science and are more affordable than you might imagine. You can also get them science-based educational toys and games in order to get them more invested in the subject in a disciplined way.

3. Play science board games
Transforming science into a captivating adventure can be as simple as turning it into a game. Engage your little explorers with science board games that make learning a joyous quest for knowledge. Here are four fantastic examples to get you started:

•Periodic table board games
•Space-themed board games
•Dr. Microbe game
•Environment-themed board games

4. Send your kid to a science camp

Send -your- kid -to- a -science- camp
Science camp is one of the best places to learn and interact with kids of the same age group who are also interested in the subject. These camps organise fun activities through which your child can avail themselves of hands-on learning experiences. In such camps, you can choose from a wide range of tutoring programmes and workshops to make the subject more exciting and interesting.

5. Watch science shows & documentaries

Watch - science - shows & documentaries
The list of ways to make science interesting for kids would remain incomplete without adding science and nature programmes. Learning science through audio-visuals goes a long way. Be it sci-fi movies or documentaries, such educational programmes can make science concepts captivating and entertaining to learn for kids. These are some of the best science shows and documentaries that you can easily find online and watch with your kids:

• Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey
• Planet Earth
• How the universe works
• My Octopus Teacher
• Dancing with the birds

6. Try easy science experiments for kids

Try-easy-science -experiments-for-kids
If you are looking for ways to keep your kids interested in science, then there is no substitute for hands-on experience. Performing easy science experiments with your kids will not only be a fun-filled activity on its own, but it will also teach them basic science principles in a way that your kids will be able to retain them for a long period of time. It will also help them develop a significant interest in science. Some of these easy science experiments are given below:

• DIY compass
• Make your own volcano
• Coin inertia experiment
• Apple oxidation experiment
• Walking water experiment
• Bread mould experiment
• Seed germination

7. Encourage your kid to ask questions
Encouraging your child to think outside the box and allowing them to ask questions is one of the most effective ways to make science engaging. As parents, you must ensure that your kids feel free to share their thoughts regarding the subject while studying. To keep your kids interested in science, you can engage them by posing questions and solving their queries with the required information.

8. Discuss career options
From a young age, start discussing and creating awareness among your kids regarding the available career options related to science. You can suggest and talk about the different career paths they can opt for after school.

You can try to make them feel eager about achieving something related to science in the future. However, give them the freedom to choose their career paths and support their decisions no matter what they choose.


Science and technology play an important role in taking our world forward; it is all but natural that parents would want their kids to be part of these scientific developments. Engaging kids with science will require effort and patience on the parent’s end. But by following these ways to keep your kids interested in science, you will be able to help them lay a strong foundation for the subject.

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8 Ways to Keep Your Kids Interested in Science

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